Here is your chance to win a One-of-a-Kind Precision Cerekoted AR15 with Handmade barrel and help a veteran with cancer at the same time.  Each chance is only $25.  No more than 200 chances will be sold.  The rifle has a value of $3500.  Rifle will be drawn once all spots are filled.  Proceeds will directly benefit Tom Kaiser and his family.  The sole entry method is by sending $25 via PayPal "Friends and Family" to  It is important that the only notes other than your name be "The Tom Keiser Benefit" (Before sending monies PLEASE scroll down for specs and photos the rifle, and importantly the rules and regulations of the raffle.)  

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Who Is Tom Keiser?

Tom is one of the best people I have been honored to know.  He is a simple guy that selflessly loves his family, friends, the Mets, (any baseball really) and just living life.  The Mets might even come first?  He always talks about how proud he is of his kids Mandy and Justin.   What you see is what you get with Tom.  He is originally from Queens NY, and lived there until he joined the Navy. He still needs to be interpreted from time to time because of his thick accent.  He did not have a drivers license until he moved to Missouri after he got out of the Navy and met his wife Donna. 

TOM Navy.jpg

Tom is a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy having served on the aircraft carrier Constellation.  He is still a loyal civil servant as a mail carrier in the USPS.  Through our friendship he has realized how much he enjoys the outdoors, especially riding ATV's and shooting guns.  He learned there is something to do outside other than play baseball, and BBQ.  For Tom, there is nothing better than floating on a raft in the portable pool in his backyard drinking a cold one.  When someone meets Tom, one of the first questions that comes out of his mouth is, "do you play softball?"  Well, I don't, but he did and to this day he still puts together multiple teams that he can manage every spring and fall.  No matter how he has felt he is there managing.


If you happen to know Tom, you know how private and selfless he is.  He would never ask for help, but I think as friends we need to help anyway.  

Why Tom and his Family Need Our Help

Back in January doctors found aggressive cancerous tumors in his bladder.  They scheduled surgery to remove them within a week of finding them.  They were able to remove them, and placed a stint between his bladder and kidney.  Tom was out of work for a month, bored sick.   He was finally able to return to work for a few weeks.  Then March 20th when they removed his stint, they found new tumors on his bladder which they removed the following Monday.  Then he was out for a couple more weeks of work.  Tom recently completed a bladder cancer treatment called BCG.  He will not know the effectiveness until his Doctor does another scan the first of September.  

He has missed quite a bit of work.  He does have sick days and vacation, although, I really don't know if it enough or not.  As was the case last time, all proceeds raised will be going to Tom and his wife Donna to use for whatever they need like utilities, groceries, and medical Bills.  I know that the last proceeds were used to pay medical bills, and help with an untimely failed washing machine.   I don't want Tom and Donna to have to worry about paying bills or stress about those things when his health should be their only concern.  Money is needed right now and any little bit will help.  

Tom and his wife were so very humbled be the generosity of so many strangers last time we held a raffle.  I know he will be forever grateful to all that give.  I know I will appreciate anyone that gives.  He is a great guy, a great friend, and a fighter.  

Thank you,


Tom Dual Wield.jpg