MOHVA Mission 

Missouri OHV Alliance's Mission is to build an alliance with/between Missouri OHV community's stakeholders to understand the need for land use preservation; understand the need and reasons for additional OHV areas and trails; to improve safety; develop plans for trail maintenance; promote shared use; develop and implement education and training courses; to build strategic partnerships to benefit all of Missouri.  Missouri OHV Alliance will become the combined voice of all Missouri OHV stakeholders.

Our Sponsors

Why not ATV's, UTV,s or Jeeps?  OHV stands for Off-Highway Vehicle and is the recognized term by the off-road industry.  Plain and simple, any motorized vehicle someone takes off-road is an OHV.  Weather you drive a pick-up truck with 44" boggers thru the mud pits, ride hill climbs with sport quad at St. Joe's, or have a side by side that you like to trail casually, the lifestyle shares the same forces that oppose us recreating OUR way.  

The stakeholders for Missouri's OHV community are the users/riders, clubs, OHV dealers, OHV vehicle, part, and aftermarket accessory manufacturers, Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Missouri Highway Patrol, and public/private land-use administrators/owners.  To some extent conservation groups, state, county and local municipalities, where users are active are as well.  In fact, the Missouri OHV Alliance position is that the entire populous, counties and city municipalities can directly benefit from tax revenue and spending in the future, by becoming an OHV tourism destination if a consortium of locales can develop a multi-county trail system.  These exist in other states and have become an economic boon for counties where other industries have pulled out.  



All off-road enthusiasts share the same basic needs, trends, and threats (political, activists, and legislative).  These stakeholders are often segmented due to type of vehicle used, riding style, and proximity.  However, OHV users/riders are found in every income level, level of education, age and gender.  Reasons for OHV use can vary.  Some use them as a tool to enjoy other interests, such as bird-watching or hunting, some enjoy entering organized events such as racing and other competitions.  The largest segment use OHV's as the form of recreation itself.  Some reasons for recreational OHV use include: 

  • Quality family and social time
  • Healthy, physical outdoor activity for a broad range of ages, physical abilities and interest
  • Experiences that promote a responsible lifestyle
  • and relief from the pressure of daily life

Missouri OHV Alliance is the glue that will bind all the stakeholders together, and be a driving force to make Missouri more friendly for OHV recreation.