Well on our way to success

As mid-September hits, Missouri OHV Alliance has been extremely busy,  We were approved by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable company.  We have been in touch with the ATV Safety Institute, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, MO DNR, MO Department of Conservation, and the Missouri Highway Patrol to begin establishing our relationships, and advocating our cause.  We have spoken with many OHV facilities, and dealers.  And, our inaugural quarterly Newsletter went out to our membership base.   

There is still an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done, and more help is needed.  Positions need to be filled with quality individuals, that are advocates and agree with the cause.  There have been many that have said that they would help, some that have stepped up, and some that just don't get it.  That is okay.  As, we spread our mission, and tell our story, as well, as build credibility through our actions, some sitting on the sidelines will be moved to act.  I personally have a lot to prove.  This has been tried before, here in Missouri and hasn't succeeded.  I believe, I am a different kind of leader, and advocate.  I act, I reach out.  We all know, only time will tell, but, the connections I have made in the industry, government, and our state OHV community have me more excited than ever.