Missouri Has A Healthy Off-Road Community

I have been continuously learning about Missouri’s off-roading community since starting this endeavor that is MOHVA. Since adult life, I have had two jeeps, and am now an ATV rider. I truly enjoy the outdoors, and the challenge off-roading gives me. 
The biggest thing I have learned is that I was nowhere near alone. Missouri has the largest Jeep club in the Midwest, what is widely recognized as one of the best off-road parks geared towards fullsized OHV’s in the country, and a multitude of ATV parks public and private. There are ATV’s in pick-up beds everywhere, in the streets there are the ever popular Jeeps, that are wildly popular to customize with lift kits and 37’s. Signs of off-roading folks are everywhere in Missouri. Even the suburbs of the I70 series cities. This is the Show-Me state, maybe we don’t SEE a reason yet, but we all need to come together to recognize in this ever more politically correct world, that our hobby, our escape, our passion is often not viewed as a popular one. There are forces that do not want us to have the places, the access, and the freedom. Let’s be proactive, let’s join together and be a force. Let’s support each other, as as enthusiast, park owners, land mangers and dealers show the political and environmental left that we have a right to enjoy the outdoors (in a responsible way) how we want to. The jeep guys have the “Jeep thing wave.” I miss that. Why don’t we all wave when we see any fellow off-roader and OHV enthusiast? We all want the same thing, a great OHV experience in Missouri.