Executive Directors State of the Alliance — The Prospect of Missouri OHV Alliance's success

Today, Missouri OHV Alliance is just in it’s infancy, only being conceptualized a bit more than a month ago.  I have sent numerous emails out to dealers, reached out to clubs, applied to be the Missouri State partner for the NOHVCC, set up a Facebook page, set up a GoFundMe account to help with costs, a website, and reached out to some of the private riding area’s to not much fan fare.  

I am not sure if it is due to people being used to the status quo, people thinking that I formed the organization to take over things, or tell them what to do?  In reality, I started MOHVA, because I believe there is a HUGE gap in Missouri’s OHV community by being so segmented and not having a means to communicate common issues.  

Everyday, somewhere in the United States, a law is introduced affecting OHV users, a greenie group shut’s an area off, atv safety is all over the news because a child is killed.  These are all threats to our lifestyle, our way to make income, and our freedom to use lands like we desire.  

MOHVA needs support, by the riders, and more than that, businesses whose income is dependent on OHV’s.  Spend a tank of gas, or the profits on one sale of an ATV, to support the organization.  Once memberships are available, join.  There is no bad that can come from there being a strong resource in the state, but without one, there can be tremendous harm.