Missouri OHV Alliance is here to stay (as long as we get qualified volunteers)

I am starting to get inquiries from groups and organizations to speak at their member meetings.  On November 10, I will be speaking at JJ's in O'Fallon MO to the membership of Jeeping Midrivers monthly meeting.  I was also asked last week to speak in January to the Association of Missouri Power-sports Dealers.  Location and time TBD.  I was also contacted by the US Forestry service for help, and partnership for the Mark Twain National Forest riding areas.  These include the fire roads and Chadwick riding areas.

I am continuing to educate myself on Missouri's OHV strengths, challenges, the diverse nature of events we host, local and national land use threats, and overall threats to the OHV industry.  I am also working hard to make new industry contacts that can help Missouri OHV Alliance's mission.  I refuse to think anything other than Missouri needs more recognition in the National OHV circles.   We are thriving.   But, I believe that most Missouri OHV stakeholders don't realize how quickly this can be taken away with the stroke of a pen.  

I am excited and proud that the organization is being taken seriously, and my efforts and enthusiasm for my goals are being recognized.  The thing is, I still need help, financially, and with membership volunteer efforts.  Help out where you can, what strengths do you have that can be applied to the organization?  To stay successful and I need, and am looking for quality,  articulate, business minded members to volunteer and step up into the rank and file of the officer roles.  Those that seek those roles need to share my vision, and drive towards the founding principals outlined in the organization white papers.