Missouri OHV Alliance is here to stay (as long as we get qualified volunteers)

I am starting to get inquiries from groups and organizations to speak at their member meetings.  On November 10, I will be speaking at JJ's in O'Fallon MO to the membership of Jeeping Midrivers monthly meeting.  I was also asked last week to speak in January to the Association of Missouri Power-sports Dealers.  Location and time TBD.  I was also contacted by the US Forestry service for help, and partnership for the Mark Twain National Forest riding areas.  These include the fire roads and Chadwick riding areas.

I am continuing to educate myself on Missouri's OHV strengths, challenges, the diverse nature of events we host, local and national land use threats, and overall threats to the OHV industry.  I am also working hard to make new industry contacts that can help Missouri OHV Alliance's mission.  I refuse to think anything other than Missouri needs more recognition in the National OHV circles.   We are thriving.   But, I believe that most Missouri OHV stakeholders don't realize how quickly this can be taken away with the stroke of a pen.  

I am excited and proud that the organization is being taken seriously, and my efforts and enthusiasm for my goals are being recognized.  The thing is, I still need help, financially, and with membership volunteer efforts.  Help out where you can, what strengths do you have that can be applied to the organization?  To stay successful and I need, and am looking for quality,  articulate, business minded members to volunteer and step up into the rank and file of the officer roles.  Those that seek those roles need to share my vision, and drive towards the founding principals outlined in the organization white papers.        

Well on our way to success

As mid-September hits, Missouri OHV Alliance has been extremely busy,  We were approved by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable company.  We have been in touch with the ATV Safety Institute, Motorcycle Safety Foundation, MO DNR, MO Department of Conservation, and the Missouri Highway Patrol to begin establishing our relationships, and advocating our cause.  We have spoken with many OHV facilities, and dealers.  And, our inaugural quarterly Newsletter went out to our membership base.   

There is still an overwhelming amount of work that needs to be done, and more help is needed.  Positions need to be filled with quality individuals, that are advocates and agree with the cause.  There have been many that have said that they would help, some that have stepped up, and some that just don't get it.  That is okay.  As, we spread our mission, and tell our story, as well, as build credibility through our actions, some sitting on the sidelines will be moved to act.  I personally have a lot to prove.  This has been tried before, here in Missouri and hasn't succeeded.  I believe, I am a different kind of leader, and advocate.  I act, I reach out.  We all know, only time will tell, but, the connections I have made in the industry, government, and our state OHV community have me more excited than ever.    

Missouri Has A Healthy Off-Road Community

I have been continuously learning about Missouri’s off-roading community since starting this endeavor that is MOHVA. Since adult life, I have had two jeeps, and am now an ATV rider. I truly enjoy the outdoors, and the challenge off-roading gives me. 
The biggest thing I have learned is that I was nowhere near alone. Missouri has the largest Jeep club in the Midwest, what is widely recognized as one of the best off-road parks geared towards fullsized OHV’s in the country, and a multitude of ATV parks public and private. There are ATV’s in pick-up beds everywhere, in the streets there are the ever popular Jeeps, that are wildly popular to customize with lift kits and 37’s. Signs of off-roading folks are everywhere in Missouri. Even the suburbs of the I70 series cities. This is the Show-Me state, maybe we don’t SEE a reason yet, but we all need to come together to recognize in this ever more politically correct world, that our hobby, our escape, our passion is often not viewed as a popular one. There are forces that do not want us to have the places, the access, and the freedom. Let’s be proactive, let’s join together and be a force. Let’s support each other, as as enthusiast, park owners, land mangers and dealers show the political and environmental left that we have a right to enjoy the outdoors (in a responsible way) how we want to. The jeep guys have the “Jeep thing wave.” I miss that. Why don’t we all wave when we see any fellow off-roader and OHV enthusiast? We all want the same thing, a great OHV experience in Missouri.

Executive Directors State of the Alliance — The Prospect of Missouri OHV Alliance's success

Today, Missouri OHV Alliance is just in it’s infancy, only being conceptualized a bit more than a month ago.  I have sent numerous emails out to dealers, reached out to clubs, applied to be the Missouri State partner for the NOHVCC, set up a Facebook page, set up a GoFundMe account to help with costs, a website, and reached out to some of the private riding area’s to not much fan fare.  

I am not sure if it is due to people being used to the status quo, people thinking that I formed the organization to take over things, or tell them what to do?  In reality, I started MOHVA, because I believe there is a HUGE gap in Missouri’s OHV community by being so segmented and not having a means to communicate common issues.  

Everyday, somewhere in the United States, a law is introduced affecting OHV users, a greenie group shut’s an area off, atv safety is all over the news because a child is killed.  These are all threats to our lifestyle, our way to make income, and our freedom to use lands like we desire.  

MOHVA needs support, by the riders, and more than that, businesses whose income is dependent on OHV’s.  Spend a tank of gas, or the profits on one sale of an ATV, to support the organization.  Once memberships are available, join.  There is no bad that can come from there being a strong resource in the state, but without one, there can be tremendous harm.