ALL 200 SPOTS ARE ACCOUNTED FOR AND SOLD AS OF 11:00 AM CST 4/19/2017.  We hope to have another raffle in the coming months.  Drawing will be held within 24 hours, once we check to make sure nothing was missed.  Winner will be notified by email provided with the Paypal information.  Once the it is verified that the winner is able to accept the rifle and it can be transferred, the winners name will be posted on the following page:

Here is your chance to win a custom built AR15 Spikes Crusader Infidel Rifle. Each chance is only $20.  Only 200 chances will be sold.  The rifle has a value of $1200.  Rifle will be drawn once all spots are filled.  All proceeds will directly benefit Tom Kaiser and his family.  The sole entry method is by sending $20 via ............ "Friends and Family" to ....................................... It is important that the only notes other than your name be "The Tom Keiser Benefit" Scoll down for specs and photos the rifle, and importantly the rules and regulations of the raffle.  

Who Is Tom Keiser?

Tom is one of the best people I have been honored to know.  He is a simple guy that selflessly loves his family, friends, the Mets, (any baseball really) and just living life.  The Mets might even come first?  He always talks about how proud he is of his kids Mandy and Justin.   What you see is what you get with Tom.  He is originally from Queens NY, and lived there until he joined the Navy. He still needs to be interpreted from time to time because of his thick accent.  He did not have a drivers license until he moved to Missouri after he got out of the Navy and met his wife Donna. 

Tom is a veteran of the U.S. Navy having served on an aircraft carrier (can you believe you can be in the Navy and never fire a gun?).  He is still a loyal civil servant as a mail carrier in the USPS.  Through our friendship he has realized how much he enjoys the outdoors, especially riding ATV's and shooting guns.  He learned there is something to do outside other than play baseball, and BBQ.  For Tom, there is nothing better than floating on a raft in the portable pool in his backyard drinking a cold one.  When someone meets Tom, one of the first questions that comes out of his mouth is, "do you play softball?"  Well, I don't, but he did and to this day he still puts together multiple teams that he can manage every spring and fall.  This Friday March 31 is opening day of his season.  I know, no matter how he fells he will be there managing.

If you happen to know Tom, you know how private and selfless he is.  He would never ask for help, and would absolutely hate this, but I think as friends we need to help anyway.  

Why Tom and his Family Need Our Help

A couple of months ago doctors found tumors in his bladder.  They scheduled surgery to remove them within a week of finding them.  They were able to remove them, and placed a stint between his bladder and kidney.  Tom was out of work for a month, bored sick.   He was finally able to return to work for a few weeks.  Then a little over a weeks ago (today is March 30 2017) when they removed his stint, they found new tumors on his bladder.  This past Monday, they removed the new tumors and now he is out for a couple more weeks of work.  Either way he will be beginning BCG treatment very soon.  

He does have sick days and vacation, although, I really don't know if it enough or not.  All monies raised will be going to Tom and his wife Donna to use for whatever they need like utilities, groceries, and medical Bills.  I don't want Tom and Donna to have to worry about paying bills or stress about those things when his health should be their only concern.  The money is needed right now.  And any little bit will help.  

Even though Tom would not want this, I know he will be forever grateful to all that give.  I know I will appreciate anyone that gives.  He is a great guy, a great friend, and a fighter.  

Thank you,

Tom doesn't have any of the fun toys you see him with, the ATV's and the guns, those are mine.  His priorities are his daughters wedding that he just paid for this past summer, and his family.  I only mention it, because I don't want people thinking he has a lot of disposable income.  I know he had to use his tax return to get the new tires for his truck. 

The Raffle Details

There will be 200 chances sold for the drawing.  The cost is a $20 donation per chance.  By sending the donation, you:     a) agree to the terms described here to be the official rules, b) are of legal age and not prohibited from owning a firearm, c) agree that the method described is valid and reasonable, and agree to not contest the results. 

When making payment it is important that the only notes other than your name be "The Tom Keiser Benefit"  The Sole entry method is sending $20 via Paypal "Friends and Family" to  The Entries will be put onto a spreadsheet in the order the funds are received (according to paypal) with the maker of first payment being spot numbered 1 and the last being spot numbered 200.  Once the total number of chances have been sold, the drawing will be closed.  The following website will then be used to generate a random sequence of numbers from 1-200  This will become the "official winning sequence" The number at the top of the list will be considered the winning number.  The winner will be the person that is on the corresponding line number on the Official Raffle Chance Spreadsheet.  The winner must be able to past the required background check and agrees to comply with all state, and local laws.  In the event the person with the first number is denied ownership, the next number on the Official Raffle Chance Spreadsheet, until an individual passes the required background check.  If the winner is located with in 75 miles of O'Fallon Missouri, the winner must complete the transfer (at no cost to the winner) at Eagle Armory located in O'Fallon MO.  If the winners residence is beyond 75 miles, the rifle will be shipped to the FFL of the winners choice.  If the rifle is shipped, the winner must pay any corresponding fees for the transfer as well as agree to the cost of return shipment if the transfer is denied.  The Official Raffle start time is 1:30 PM CST March 31, 2017   If all 200 chances are not sold within 45 days, and a minimum of 75 tickets have been sold the raffle will be held on May 18th 2017 at 1:30Pm CST.  In the unlikely event that the amount of chances sold is not at the minimum requirement, the drawing will take place when the minimum 75 chances have been sold.  

If you do not wish do participate in the raffle, but still have a desire to help Tom, there is a GoFundMe page set up.  The website for that is:

The Custom Built Spikes Crusader Infidel Rifle 

The rifle is a custom build using high quality parts from top tier manufacturers.  The rifle has had one standard capacity magazine put through it to ensure proper function.  The AR15 is valued at $1200.

  • Built on a Spikes Crusader Stripped Lower that has been custom color filled
  • CMC 4.5 lb Trigger
  • KNS Anti-Walk Trigger and Hammer pins
  • Seekins Precision Ambi Safety 
  • Griffon Armament A3 Grip
  • Vltor Receiver Extension 
  • MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock
  • Battle Arms Development Enhanced Take-down and Pivot Pins
  • Aero Precision Upper with Custom laser engraved dust cover and forward assist cover
  • PSA Premium Full Mil-spec BCG
  • 15" ALG Defense Ergonomic Modular Rail V3 MLok 
  • 14.5" Aero Precision Pencil barrel with a 1/7 twist and Mid Length Gas for softer recoil
  • Noveske KX5 Slim Flash Suppressor pinned and welded to bring the barrel length to meet the 16" minimum requirement 
  • Lo-Profile Gas Block Pinned for Maximum Durability
  • POF Tomahawk Ambi Charging Handle 
  • Magbul MBUIS Sights