April Charity Raffle Results

AR15 Right Side.jpg

And the winner is....  Jacy Nelson.  Congratulations Dr Nelson! Thank you for your service to your country!  It is very fitting that another vet won the raffle!  


An exact copy of the raffle terms are stated below

There will be 200 chances sold for the drawing.  The cost is a $20 donation per chance.  By sending the donation, you:     a) agree to the terms described here to be the official rules, b) are of legal age and not prohibited from owning a firearm, c) agree that the method described is valid and reasonable, and agree to not contest the results. 

When making payment it is important that the only notes other than your name be "The Tom Keiser Benefit"  The Sole entry method is sending $20 via Paypal "Friends and Family" to joshg@twoguysproperties.com  The Entries will be put onto a spreadsheet in the order the funds are received (according to paypal) with the maker of first payment being spot numbered 1 and the last being spot numbered 200.  Once the total number of chances have been sold, the drawing will be closed.  The following website will then be used to generate a random sequence of numbers from 1-200  https://www.random.org/sequences/  This will become the "official winning sequence" The number at the top of the list will be considered the winning number.  The winner will be the person that is on the corresponding line number on the Official Raffle Chance Spreadsheet.  The winner must be able to past the required background check and agrees to comply with all state, and local laws.  In the event the person with the first number is denied ownership, the next number on the Official Raffle Chance Spreadsheet, until an individual passes the required background check.  If the winner is located with in 75 miles of O'Fallon Missouri, the winner must complete the transfer (at no cost to the winner) at Eagle Armory located in O'Fallon MO.  If the winners residence is beyond 75 miles, the rifle will be shipped to the FFL of the winners choice.  If the rifle is shipped, the winner must pay any corresponding fees for the transfer as well as agree to the cost of return shipment if the transfer is denied.  The Official Raffle start time is 1:30 PM CST March 31, 2017   If all 200 chances are not sold within 45 days, and a minimum of 75 tickets have been sold the raffle will be held on May 18th 2017 at 1:30Pm CST.  In the unlikely event that the amount of chances sold is not at the minimum requirement, the drawing will take place when the minimum 75 chances have been sold.