Missouri OHV Alliance (OHV's are ATV's, motorcycles, UTV's, Jeeps and other full size off road vehicles, etc...) is in place to protect the right to responsibly use lands; public and private, promote safety and training, and to educate.



Why OHV's?

OHV's are used for work, as well as recreation. OHV's are one of the many ways Misourians recreate.  

Our Mission

Isn't a club good enough?

Missouri OHV Alliance helps protect the currently open public land by informing citizens, building a strong relationship with the Missouri Department of Conservation and DNR, and through education. Recreational OHV use is enjoyed by many Missourians, and we need to protect Missouri’s riding areas.  Today in Missouri, there is a gap in training and available safety courses.  MOHVA is working to bring more safety, and much needed educational courses to more areas of the state.

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Where can I go off road?

Missouri has many places to ride ATV's, motorcycles, and full size 4 x 4's.  Responsible use provides fair use.  

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