Missouri OHV Alliance (OHV's are ATV's, motorcycles, UTV's, Jeeps and other full size off road vehicles, etc...) was founded to protect the right to responsibly use lands; public and private, promote safety and training, and to educate.

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Why not ATV's, UTV,s or Jeeps?  OHV stands for Off-Highway Vehicle and is the recognized term by the off-road industry.  Plain and simple, any motorized vehicle someone takes off-road is an OHV.  Weather you drive a pick-up truck with 44" boggers thru the mud pits, ride hill climbs with sport quad at St. Joe's, or have a side by side that you like to trail casually, the off-road lifestyle share's the same forces that oppose us recreating OUR way.  The political....

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Missouri OHV Alliance encourages club membership, in fact we have tools to assist with club formation, and organization.  Missouri OHV Alliance is an advocate group to protect the currently open public land by informing citizens, building a strong relationship with the Missouri Department of Conservation and DNR, and through education of citizens and politicians. Recreational OHV use is enjoyed by many Missourians, and we need to protect Missouri’s riding areas, understand the political environment and how it may affect our lifestyle, and promote the benefits to Missouri's economy.   Today in Missouri,   MOHVA is working to bring more safety, and much needed educational courses to more areas of the state.

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While some only use OHV's as a tool for work around the ranch or farm.  Most riders, or drivers fall into the "enthusiast" category.  In today's busy, technology oriented society, more people look to get off the beaten path. OHV's are one of the popular ways Missourians recreate.  Most have heard someone say, "I used to have a (fill in the blank: ATV, Dirtbike, Jeep) but there wasn't anywhere close to ride, and it sat in the garage."  What many might not have known, is that Missouri has many places to ride ATV's, motorcycles, and full size 4 x 4's.  Remember, responsible use provides fair use.  Some...

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